Dressing gowns have effectively been in existence since the seventeenth century and without going into a lot of detail on the history of dressing gowns, it is interesting to note that they were originally worn by men as a type of leisurewear. As the popularity of the dressing gown grew, it came to be worn by both men and women as a cover for night clothes as well as a bathrobe, and nowadays is frequently used as a cover-up while at the spa or swimming pool.

Dressing gowns have always tended to follow the t-shape of the Japanese kimono which happens to be an extremely comfortable style to wear. Some of them sport hoods which can be very useful in helping to keep a person snug and warm but pretty much every dressing gown or bathrobe you see today has a belt made of the same fabric as the robe itself. The belt is essential in keeping the garment closed in front, particularly if the wearer is going to be seen by others in a public place like a health spa, for instance. In fact, you will find that virtually every health or beauty spa you visit, and even some luxury hotels, provide dressing gowns for their guests which are often elegantly monogrammed with the name of the establishment. From the point of view of the guest, a robe like this is a great perk because not only is it comfortable for relaxing in it also allows them to feel adequately covered in front of others.

On the other hand, probably the most important feature of a dressing gown is the fabric from which it is made. Dressing gowns intended to be worn over pyjamas can be made from all manner of fabrics from cotton flannel to synthetic micro fibre velour, silk and even wool for colder climates. However, when it comes to bathrobes, which are a type of dressing gown, it is essential that they are made from fabrics which absorb water well like towelling terry cloth. Fabrics with a waffle weave are also useful for bathrobes because the weave creates a texture that tends to be highly absorbent. Bamboo fabric is another option for both dressing gowns and bathrobes as it is comfortable to wear as well as being environmentally friendly