There are a lot of hotels and guesthouses in South Africa. All these kinds of places will generally make use of towels that have their branding on them. This is where buying towels wholesale may come in handy.

There are two ways that guesthouses and hotels can have their branding placed onto their towels. The method chosen will generally depend on how many towels they want to have done.

The first method is to buy some towels wholesale, or in bulk, and to have an embroidery company put the logo and other branding on them. This is generally a good way to get a few towels done in a short period of time. So if you need a few towels for your guests and you need them quickly, this is probably the best way to go.

The other option would be to buy towels wholesale with the logo and branding already on them. This takes a little more effort and time to arrange. You will need to contact a company that does this kind of thing and place an order. You can send them the branding in the form of an email or you can send it on a flash drive or however suits both of you best. You may also want to send them a sample towel so that they can get the placing of the branding right. This is generally the way things are done if you need a lot of towels done and can wait a while for them.

So if you only need a few towels with your branding you can buy a batch of towels wholesale and then use them bit by bit to replenish your stock as you need. If you are going to be ordering a lot of towels all in one go it may be better to buy the towels wholesale and have them branded by a company that specialises in mass branding. It will probably work out cheaper on a per towel basis, but it will probably take a little longer to get the job done as they will be doing a lot of towels.